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Minneapolis Police Department


Be a recognized and respected law enforcement leader in public safety strategies and service to our community.


We, the members of the Minneapolis Police Department, are committed to providing quality and professional service in partnership with all communities to continue to advance our city's safety, growth and viability. We are committed to excellence through the development, accountability and support of our employees to achieve their full potential.

Values                                             Goals

- Commitment                                                                      - Public Safety

- Integrity                                                                              - Public Trust

- Transparency                                                                     - Employee engagement and morale

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. Why should I join?

    In the event that there is a criminal incident near your location, law enforcement will be able to locate the correlating video footage through the use of Securonet.  Because of this, crimes can be solved more quickly and further crimes can be prevented.


  • 2. Is it mandatory to join?

    No. Becoming a member and adding your location(s) and cameras to the platform is voluntary, however, you are strongly encouraged to join.


  • 3. How much does it cost?

    There is no cost to you. Registering as a member and adding your location(s) and cameras to the platform is free.


  • 4. How long will it take me to sign up?

    The amount of time it takes to complete the registration process will depend on the number of locations and cameras you have.  On average it takes between 5 and 15 minutes to sign up.


  • 5. What web browsers does the Minneapolis Securonet Virtual Safety Network support?

    The Virtual Safety Network supports Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.


  • 6. What type of cameras are accepted?

    Every type of exterior security camera can be added.


  • 7. Who has access to my camera location information?

    Only authorized law enforcement agencies in your city (for the purpose of investigation), your city’s Collaboration Manager(s) and the Securonet system administrators will have access to this information.


  • 8. Do you want me to add my interior cameras to the Virtual Safety Network?

    No. We ask that you only add your exterior cameras.


  • 9. If my cameras only record data if the alarm is triggered, can I still join?



  • 10. How many locations and cameras can I add?

    You can add an unlimited number of locations and cameras within the City of Minneapolis.


  • 11. Is Securonet going to install camera equipment at my location?

    No.  Securonet does not install cameras or equipment.


  • 12. If my cameras are damaged are you going to repair them?

    No. Securonet does not repair cameras or camera equipment. If the cameras at your location are non-functioning, please do not add them to the Virtual Safety Network.


  • 13. How will I know when law enforcement needs video footage from me?

    You will receive an email stating that video footage is needed from a specific time and date from one or more of your cameras. You will also receive details about what to look for in the video.



  • 14. How soon do I need to respond after I receive an email request for video footage?

    We request that you respond within 48 hours of the email request. If you are not able to respond within that time frame and have valid video footage, you can still respond to the email after the initial 48 hours.


  • 15. Will law enforcement come to my location to look through my footage?

    No. We request that you look through your own footage from the requested cameras. If you have footage of the incident, law enforcement will come to your location to retrieve the selected footage from you.


  • 16. Does law enforcement have real-time access to my cameras?

    No. Law enforcement will only have access if you give permission for their use through our VideoLink system.  Most cameras on the Virtual Safety Network will not be utilized through VideoLink.


  • 17. Can anyone view my real-time camera feeds?

    No. This is a communications tool, only authorized personnel have access.


  • 18. If I have a Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) VideoLink camera on the Virtual Safety Network, can law enforcement control the camera?




  • 19. Can I update my profile and my camera information?

    Yes.  After your membership has been approved, you will have access to your profile and editing capabilities.



  • 20. What are Securonet's Terms and Conditions?

    To learn more about our Terms and Conditions, please click on the following link:


    Terms and Conditions







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